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Riyadh Chamber Organizes Annual Meeting for Committee Members

Monday 14 March 2016

​Riyadh Chamber organizes the annual meeting for committee members  on Wednesday 3/23/2016 . The meeting combines committee members and members of the board of directors of Riyadh Chamber in order to enhance the connection between committee members and search topics that serve the business sector . Secretary General of Riyadh Chamber, Dr. Mohammed Alkathiri , explained that the meeting is a result of Riyadh Chambers' eagerness to strengthen  social  relations between members of sectorial committees and to allow them to meet in an atmosphere of brotherhood and amiability . To discuss and exchange views on means of developing the work of committees to achieve the benefit and service of business sector in Riyadh region .

Also, Alkathiri added that main committees and branches of committees , are basic to the chambers' work  . The committees have succeeded in enhancing the work of dealing with issues that encounter sectors by coordinating and communicating with related government sectors . He also mentioned the committee's main task is to collect issues that seem problematic for sectors and  to study their  regulations. Thus, evaluate them and suggest amendments on them . Then , submit them to related sectors.