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Riyadh Economic Forum inaugurates a seminar for the eighth session of the Forum studies

Sunday 09 October 2016

Riyadh Economic Forum inaugurated a seminar of studies to be presented at the eighth session of the forum on Sunday evening, 2nd  October 2016, at Riyadh Chamber which will be held on November 2017.  This came  as   part of the preparations for this session and in order to survey the opinions of the participants in the seminars about aspects that should be considered .This will result in recommendations that are  aimed at supporting government policies to strengthen the capacity of the national economy and achieve sustainable development.

The seminar was dedicated  to the study entitled (Diagnosis and Treatment of the Obstacles and Challenges  which hinder the Private Sector to Participate in the Investment  of Basic Structures) with (52) Participants of businessmen and women, academics, government officials ,members of   Shura Council ,those who are interested  and specialists who provided a number of suggestions and opinions that will benefit the study to achieve its  goals.

The study was presented by the consultative group who will specify orientations ,  plans ,  sub goals and main goals  of the study .

The participants offered a number of good  proposals and   opinions that will add to the study, to ensure the achievement of the desired goals. The participants confirmed that the study conform  to the orientations of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz  , May God protect him  ,and  with the Kingdom's vision 2030 that  aim  to give the private sector a greater role in diversifying sources of the national income and to  achieve  sustainable development.

Riyadh Economic Forum usually organizes the seminars of the studies during its  previous sessions . This became  a basic method  which the forum use  to prepare studies and   give the  party who arrange the study an opportunity  to benefit from participants' observations and opinions in each step of the study.