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Saudi Banks are Anxiously Awaiting the Results of Raising the U.S. Interest Rates

Monday 12 December 2016

Riyadh Chamber, represented by the Committee of Investment & Securities, in cooperation with the Committee of Information and Banking Awareness in Saudi banks, organized on Monday 12 Dec. 2016 a lecture titled (Treasury Instruments & Derivatives) in the presence of  Mr. Mohammad Al-Saier, Board Member of Riyadh Chamber and Chairman of the Investment and Securities Committee. Mr. Al-Saier indicated that the organization of the lecture is part of the Chamber's interest in spreading the investment awareness in various sectors, introducing businessmen and businesswomen to bank treasury functions and responsibilities, major treasury instruments and financial derivatives, as well as introducing them to the banks' role in providing services to their clients. Mr. Raed AL-Drees, Trading Manager of Treasury Department in Al-Rajhi Bank, pointed out in his speech that the concept of treasury management is meant to plan and control the cash in the bank to achieve the best possible return and reduce the cost of money used, in addition to developing and implementing efficient programs to communicate with the clients and investors for enhancing their confidence in the bank. A banker in the lecture confirmed the importance of raising awareness of the functions and benefits of treasury products issued by the Saudi banks, noting that markets are anxiously awaiting the results of raising the U.S. interest rates which may be reflected as well on the financial markets in terms of raising interest rates.