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Real-Estate Investment Traded Funds (REITs) Focuses on Supporting Industry of Constructional Real-Estates in Various Sectors

Wednesday 23 November 2016

​The Investment & Securities Committee in Riyadh Chamber organized a lecture entitled " Real-Estate Investment  Traded Funds in Saudi Arabia (REITs) Towards New Investment Future" on Tuesday evening 22 Nov. 2016. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Salman Mohammad Al-Asmari, Financial Specialist & Chief Executive of Adeem Financial Firm . The lecture  was moderated by Mr. Mohammad Ghanim Al-Sayer, Member of the  Board of Directors ,and attended by a group of investors and real estate developers. Mr. Al-Asmari confirmed that (REITs) represents  good investment product with high return.  It is  also considered as a  successful saving channel in the Saudi market &  it has  a good reputation among investors especially , the beginners. Mr. Al-Asmari pointed out that (REITs) is in alignment with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 .  (REITs) is also traded in financial markets & governed by the best legislations from Capital Market Authority. He expected it to achieve high growth &  become widespread in the upcoming years. In addition, Mr. Al-asmari explained the features, mechanisms of funds, management terms  as well as its  contribution in creating professional & developed real estate market  , achieving benefits for financial & real-estate sectors.