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Saudi Food & Drug Authority Unveils New Regulations of Food System at Riyadh Chamber

Thursday 02 March 2017

Riyadh Chamber, represented by the Committee on Agriculture and Food Security, hosted a workshop titled (Regulations of Food System) on Tuesday 28 Feb. 2017 organized by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA). Mr. Majid Al-Khamees, Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Food Security of Riyadh Chamber, pointed out that it is very important that food and agriculture conform to consumer's health and safety requirements, which would implicate a great responsibility on the part of the SFDA that seeks to build an effective monitoring and controlling system to ensure food safety and quality along the entire food chain from production to consumption. SFDA officials went through the provisions of the explanatory regulations of the food system that aims at protecting consumer's health from food-related hazards, food trade and local food market through the fulfillment of local and imported food products to the technical and health certification as stated in the registration and clearance system. In addition, SFDA indicated that there will be must-pass training programs for workers in food manufacturing and production plants.