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Mr. Al-Shuwaier Inspects Customers Services Center

Sunday 23 July 2017

​​The Vice Chairman of Riyadh Chamber, Mr. Hamad Al-Shuwaier, has been briefed on Wed. 19 July 2017, together with Mr. Ahmad Al Suwailem, Secretary-General of Riyadh Chamber and Mr.Faisal Al-Fuhaid, Assistant Secretary-General for Subscriber Services, about the phases that have been finalized in effort to accomplish the e-services cycle, and listened to explicit suggestions and opinions from a number of subscribers. Mr. Al-Shuwaier confirmed that the Chamber's main concern is to provide services of high quality, pointing out to the completion of the final phase of the e-services development project after coordinating with a number of government agencies that are linked to the Chamber's services. Mr. Alshuwaier urged the Chamber's subscribers to activate their electronic accounts, which require merely one stop at the Chamber to receive and activate the user name and password so that they would be able certify their documents electronically, saving time and effort.