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Riyadh Economic Forum (REF) Discusses the Legislative System

Thursday 27 October 2016

Amid the seminars on the studies of the eighth session of Riyadh Economic Forum to be held by yearend 2017, the participants of the first seminar on the study titled "Legislative System Related to Economic Development" that has been organized by Riyadh Economic Forum last week confirmed the importance of the subject matter of the study in enhancing the eco​nomic development in light of the Kingdom's direction towards diversifying the sources of income according to the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

The advisory group of the study explained in the discussion the importance of the study in pursuing an integrated legislative system and evaluating the existing legislations, looking for the reasons why some of those regulations have not been validated. The conflict of jurisdiction in issuing & implementing those regulations would also be considered. Besides, the study would make recommendations to address the legislative hindrances encountering the economic sectors in the framework of the National Transformation Program and the Kingdom's vision 2030.