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Professor Robert Kaplan: Goals of Kingdom's Future Vision 2030 Require More Attention in Developing Human Resources Capabilities and Addressing Challenges

Wednesday 30 November 2016

​Riyadh Chamber, represented by Riyadh Economic Forum, organized a lecture entitled (Challenges and Mechanisms of Achieving Successful Strategic Vision in Times of Transformation: Lessons for Business and Government) by Robert Kaplan, professor of Business Administration Strategies and Leadership Development at Harvard University, on Tuesday 29 Nov. 2016, attended by almost 500 people. During the lecture, Prof. Kaplan assured that achieving the goals of the Kingdom's Future Vision 2030 requires more attention to developing HR capabilities and exploring appropriate resolutions for the challenges encountering the economic transformation. Prof. Kaplan talked over some modern methods on the implementation of strategies, features of Palladium, and Balanced Scorecard System. Mr. Ali Al-Othaim, Riyadh Chamber's board member, member of the Board of Trustees of Riyadh Economic Forum, delivered a welcome speech in which he thanked Prof. Kaplan and the attendees for accepting the invitation. Mr. Khaled Al-Yahya, CEO of Palladium Company and Chairman of the Consultative Group, reviewed the main points of a study titled (The Private Sector's Role in Achieving the Goals of the Kingdom's Future Vision 2030) that will be delivered in the forthcoming eighth session of the Riyadh Economic Forum.