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16 Government Agencies Ready to be Listed in the 1st Phase of Privatization Program

Sunday 05 February 2017

​Mr. Turki Al-Hugail, CEO of the National Center for Privatization of the Ministry of Economy and Planning confirmed that 16 government agencies ready for privatization in the first phase of the privatization program have been selected after a study and evaluation of 147 government agencies has been conducted. Besides, there are 85 opportunities and projects awaiting finalization between the public and private sectors within the national transformation program. He also said that a few sectors were now readied for privatization such as airports, sports clubs, and the Saudi Grains Organization.

In this introductory seminar, which has been organized by the Investment and securities Committee in the premises of Riyadh Chamber, and which agenda was moderated and administered by Mr. Mohammed bin Ghanim Al-Saier, Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Al-Hugail elucidated the role and programs of the National Center of Privatization and explained that a number of activities that the private sector wishes to invest in has been identified, noting that efforts are being made to create an attractive regulatory environment for local and foreign investors who wish to benefit from privatizing some services in the government sector in the context of the privatization program.