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Riyadh Chamber’s Staff Employees to Develop their English at the Banking Institute

Tuesday 08 January 2013
  Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently concluded an agreement with the Institute of Banking in Riyadh in the framework of its effort and interest to train the national human resources working therein. The two parties agreed that the Institute organize English training sessions to teach and develop the English language of the Chamber's staff employees so as to develop their language abilities. The agreement was signed by both Mr. Hussain Al-Athel, Chamber’s secretary-general and Professor Juma'an Abdullah Al Waqdani, director of the Institute of Banking. Mr. Al Athel pointed out that signing this agreement comes within the framework of the Chamber’s interest to develop the capabilities and skills of its staff employees in English language so that they can perform their functions and duties assigned to them to the fullest. Professor Juma’an said that signing this agreement reflects the Chamber’s affirmed desire to cooperate with the Institute to tailor-make a number of training courses to develop the English competencies of the Chamber's male and female staff employees.

 The director of the Institute of Banking highly valued the vital role played by Riyadh Chamber officials to develop the skills of their human resources, pointing out that the actual number of teaching hours of each course would be 72 hours, which will be entirely taught by qualified teaching staff with accredited qualifications in teaching English to non-native English speakers.