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A Meeting to Explain the Commercial Lease

Thursday 20 June 2019

Riyadh Chamber represented by the Real Estate Committee organizes the informational meeting about the commercial lease on next Tuesday, June 25 PM at the headquarters of the Chamber with the participation of officials of the Ministry of Housing.

The member of Board of Directors and Head of Real Estate Committee, Mr. Ayed Al Wabry stated that the Chamber and after its contribution to the organization of special events related to the housing lease and the preparation of electronic lease is beginning now and in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing. This is to organize informational meetings about the new programs of the Ministry of Housing. In order to cover the identification of the commercial lease pointing out that the director of the strategic performance, Abdul Rahman Al Samar of Lease Network participated in the meeting.

Also, the meeting was tended by Hussam Al Humaid from the Information Technology of the Network. The meeting was managed by a member of the Real Estate Committee Khalid Al Mubaidh.


Mr. Al Wabry clarified that the meeting is based on the principle of strengthening the relationships between the business sector and the official authorities associated with the real estate sector. In addition, it is based on rooting the principle of dialogue and participation. This meeting will submit the views, suggestions, and inquires in connection with this important lease in the process of real estate development in the Kingdom. This meeting is considered a connection link between the Real State Committee, the community and public and private organizations to strengthen the positive mental image of the real estate sector.

He said that the meeting that is meant to achieve the aspirations of businessmen and affiliates of the real estate sector inconsistent with the strategies and programs of the Ministry of Housing. Also, this meeting will address in its pivots the identification of the commercial lease. Moreover, its advantages, explains the working mechanism of the commercial lease system and receives inquiries about the commercial lease and answers them.

Mr.Al Wabary called the related business sector members with commercial leases and those interested in attending the meeting and benefiting from the explanations presented by the lease officers. Also, benefit from their views about how to implement this lease to guarantee the benefit from it in the required positive form.