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Business Youth Diwan Discuss the promising opportunities in the Restaurants and Cafes Sector

Thursday 23 May 2019

The first series of sessions of (discussion) sessions started Yesterday night at Riyadh International Center for Conferences and Exhibitions. It was held as part of Ramadan Business Youth Diwan organized by Riyadh Chamber represented by Business Youth Committee.

The first session was devoted to highlighting the promising opportunities in the restaurants and cafes sector. Also, the growth and development achieved by the industry, which made it attractive for investors from the Business Youth and the medium and small enterprises. In addition to the identification of some experience of success stories in this field.


Mr. Faisal Shaker the executive partner in Modern Food Company, Mr. Eyad AlRasheed general manager and partner in Shawermer restaurants, and Ms. Duha Al Rashid founder of Café Draft spoke in the seminar which was managed by Baker Al Huzaimi founder and partner of Yoji Restaurant. The seminar was held amid the presence of a large number of male and female business youth. The seminar discussed the challenges and difficulties which they faced at the beginning of their start through shedding light on their experience in the investment sector. Also, how they managed to overcome them depending on their persistence, the quality of work, and acceptance of the challenge.


They indicated the importance of making a start dependent on the feasibility study of the project. Also, awareness of the market and its size. Moreover, concentration, passion, and love of work. In addition, making efforts and persistence. They confirmed that these factors represent the launch of the beginning of successful investment in the sector. They stated that achieving excellence requires awareness of the work keys which they limited to an interest in the quality, knowledge of the needs and desires of the clients. Also, the growth and development of the working human resources in the restaurant or the café through training and provision of a suitable atmosphere for them.


They added that knowing the feedback of the clients, and their points of view about the meals served to represent an essential element. They confirmed that the Saudi consumer is knowledgeable, and he is greatly interested in quality and the level of the services provided to him. Also, they confirmed that interest in these aspects eventually leads to distinction and success. They emphasized that maintaining them requires paying attention to the quality and the establishment of a particular department in addition to preparing an operating manual to follow-up the developmental works regarding the provision of services.

The speakers agreed that extra impulsiveness ad enthusiasm for the expansion of the activity mostly has adversary results. They stressed that achieving distinction and gaining a good reputation helps the expansion of the work and opening more branches. Also, they emphasized the importance of maintaining distinction through development, improving the work, concentration on innovating new varieties of foods and drinks as well as interest in the technical aspects inside the shop.

The seminar witnessed several interventions by the audience. For instance, about how to overcome the difficulties associated with the multiple procedures and regulations, the relationship between the suppliers and owners of restaurants, and ways of promoting them on the grounds. This relationship should be complementary between the two parties. In addition, expansion in the training institutes to create Saudi cadres who are qualified to work in the sector and ways of benefit from the previous experiences and experiments.