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Chief of Execution Court in Riyadh Region Debates with Lawyers in Riyadh Chamber

Monday 01 May 2017

​Riyadh Chamber, represented by the Lawyers' Committee, held a meeting with the Chief of the Execution Court in Riyadh, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Bahlal on Wednesday 26 April 2017 at Riyadh Chamber. The meeting witnessed extensive discussions on lots of legal concerns and methods of submitting cases and implementing verdicts. The Chairman of the Lawyers' Committee Mr. Mohammed Al-Zamil, who led the meeting, said that the meeting of the Chief of the Execution Court with the elite group of lawyers in Riyadh Chamber comes within a series of meetings organized by the Committee with officials in the judicial and executive bodies. Mr. Musa'ad Al-Fathel from the Ministry of Housing participated in the meeting confirming that the program of supporting defaulted citizens who couldn't pay for their dwelling rents seeks primarily to solve such defaults of those citizens against whom eviction warrants were issued.​