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Riyadh Chamber Discusses the Draft Commercial Concealment Regulation

Thursday 04 July 2019

Riyadh Chamber organized a workshop in which it discussed the draft Anti-Commercial Concealment Regulation. In the presence of a number of those interested, businessmen and businesswomen on Monday July 1st at the headquarters of the Chamber. The workshop aimed at obtaining the views of the private sector towards the Draft Anti-Commercial Concealment Regulation. The participants in the workshop submitted a number of views, remarks and suggestions related to the Draft Anti-Commercial Concealment Regulation which activate the role of the Anti-Concealment Regulation without prejudice to the business sector program and its developmental and commercial role.

The workshop comes as part of the permanent cooperation between Riyadh Chamber, governmental authorities and the relative authorities of the private sector. In order to create an opportunity for the participation of the private sector in the formulation and modification of the regulations to benefit from their experiences in the job market before approving them in a way to achieve the public interests at the organizational and commercial levels.