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Riyadh Chamber: Social Responsibility Is One of the Most Important Concepts Connected with the Role of the Private Sector in the Sustainable Development

Thursday 20 June 2019


The social responsibility is one of the essential concepts that it is closely linked with the role of facilities of the private sector in sustainable development. It became one of the principles which the community expects the private sector to achieve and to face the social problems, the aggravation, and impact of which have increased across the world. Social responsibility has several concepts. The International Chamber of Commerce identified it all the attempts which contribute to the adaptation of the companies to achieve development due to moral and social considerations.


Riyadh Chamber is keen to activate the role of the private sector in enhancing sustainable community responsibility. Also, is interested in promoting the social responsibility culture and supporting the private sector to submit more programs to support and improve social responsibility.


Earlier the Chamber prepared a study about the role of the private sector in the social responsibility. The Chamber confirmed that social responsibility is significantly crucial in enhancing the partnership between the public and private sectors. Also, the Chamber is encouraging voluntary initiatives to cover the development fields. Also, encouraging disclosure and transparency of the activities and their allocations, enhance and back up all efforts in the development process.


The study showed that some companies did not assign departments or sections for the social responsibility aiming at the service of the community in innovative ways related to the activity of the company. These companies assign 25 % of the social responsibility to the public relations department while the Board of Directors performs this mission by 18 % of the companies and institutions. This supports the conclusion of the study that the social responsibility concept is still not clear to many companies.


Several studies indicated that social responsibility is a result of the sustainable development requirements and partnership in the economic development between the state and the private sector. It is considered the main element for building a better future for the coming generations.

The study confirmed that the achievement of social responsibility has positive effects on the improvement of the reputation of the organization and its trademark. Also, it confirmed in increasing the sales because of the winning of the loyalty of the consumers to them. Moreover, raising the capacity of an organization to attract investors and contributing to the rise of the market value of the shares of the organization. In addition, it is considered a result of the improvement of its reputation, increasing its sales and the productivity of its staff. Also, it is considered as a result of the increase of the organization's capacity to retain its competent staff and raising their productivity. Furthermore, achieving long term revenues in social investment and creating an opportunity for innovation and selecting good products and services.


Principles of Responsibility:

There are nine fundamental principles of the social responsibility adopted by business organizations on playing their social role to achieve their objectives.

These principles include protection and restoring environmental reform by introducing products which will enhance the principle of sustainable development, develop and apply moral practices related to the stakeholders. Also, it is related to functional behavior in general. Activating the principle of accountability by disclosing the data and submitting the necessary information to the stakeholders at any time they need them to make their decisions.

 In addition, a social responsibility principle is strengthening and enhancing the authorities to achieve balance among the interests of the users, clients, investors, suppliers, society, and other stakeholders.

 Another social responsibility principle is the financial performance and results to enhance the sustainable development while maintaining the asset's properties, and specifications of the job site. This is through considering the staff as partners in the business and respecting their rights. Also, creating a safe working environment which motivates productivity and free from harassments. The cooperative relationship is necessary for business organizations that are characterized by complete cooperation and coordination with the various partners as well as high-quality products and services. Finally, a social responsibility principle is social engagement through the deepening the relations with the community social partnership to make the place the best place for doing business.



The field study included a random sample selected from a private sector facility in Riyadh area. It concluded a number of administrative and technical obstacles facing the private sector in performing the social responsibility towards the society. These obstacles are represented in the lack of clear plans and strategies to practice social responsibility and the lack of awareness programs of the social role of the private sector. Also, the lack of incentives allocated for the businessmen to motivate them to contribute to the performance of social responsibility.

The study identified several factors for the success of the social responsibility programs in the business sector. These factors are represented in need of the organization to believe in the importance of the social responsibility issues towards society. There should be conviction and belief on the part of any official in it, starting from the owners of the organizations and all their staff. The organization should determine clear visions towards the social role in which it plans to adopt, the main issue which it will contribute to its process and the initiative which it will produce to the community. This activity should be a crucial part of the organizations' actions to be followed up by its Executives President. A full-time officer inside the organization should be appointed to this activity. There is a need to coordinate with similar relative authorities before starting the application of the social responsibility programs.



The study reviewed several practical experiences in several organizations and companies to apply social responsibility, which included several banks and companies inside the Kingdom. Among these experiences, the experience of Riyadh Chamber. The study indicated that the Chamber of Riyadh began to perform the social responsibility towards the community and put it on the top of its priorities. The Chamber formed the first Patients' Friends Committee in the Kingdom. Its interests spread to support the charity and humanitarian societies and centers.