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Tayseer Calls on the Engineering Offices to Register in (Instant Plus) to Initiate Building Permits

Wednesday 03 July 2019

The workshop discussed (the new regulations of the building permits) organized by Riyadh Chamber represented by Engineering Offices Committee with the participation of the officials of the National Committee of Investment Licenses (Tayseer) on Monday corresponding to 1/7/2019. It announced a number of observations and suggestions regarding the (Instant Plus) Initiative for the issuance of the Electronic Facilities Building permits promptly knowing that they used to take a longer time. In addition to the conditions made by the related authorities of the permits and the mechanism of registration in the initiative system.

Mr. Sa'd Al Gwain member of the National Committee for the Investment Licenses clarified that the goal of the initiative is represented in enhancing the role of the private sector in achieving the objectives of (2030 Vision), enabling the Engineering Offices to issue the building permits promptly, and cancel the conditions stipulating reviewing the plans by the governmental authorities provided that the engineering office shall assume this responsibility. He stated that the eligibility criteria for the permits in the Municipality is the technical cadre, the projects implemented through the Engineering Office and work frames of the work according to which the Engineering offices will be classified into categories where every category may get the projects which suit it.

Mr. Sa'd Al Gwain added that this initiative reduced the procedures of initiating the permits pointing out to the issuance of a number of permits since the beginning of work of the new initiative. He is calling on the Engineering Offices to promptitude their registration in the initiative's electronic system showing that there are some offices which are still willing to work in accordance with the old system and confirming that the general attitude is the adoption of this initiative and dispensing the old way. Mr. Al Gwain stressing that (48) offices had already registered in the initiative and confirming that this figure does not accord with the number of Engineering Offices in Riyadh area. He indicated that (Instant Plus) is considered as quantum leap since it reduces the time and effort and contributes to the issuance of the building permits authorized by all related authorities. He added that the current stage of the initiative includes the tourism, health and education sectors clarifying that the initiative would also include the housing sector in the coming phase.

On the other hand, Engineer Abdulla al Saed head of the Engineering Offices Committee in the Chamber confirmed that the organization of this workshop comes as part of the efforts of the Committee to grant an opportunity to the investors in the sector. In order to identify the qualification procedures to obtain the permit through (Instant Plus) Initiative praising its role in facilitating the procedures, reducing the time and efforts and highlighting at the same time the role of the National Committee for Investment Licenses in this regard.