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HRH Crown Prince of Denmark Confirms his Country's Keenness to Develop its Economic Relations with the Kingdom

Tuesday 01 March 2016

​HRH Inaugurated, with Dr. Al Zamil, the Saudi-Danish Joint Business Forum with the Participation of 40 Danish Companies​

Crown Prince Fredrick asserted his country's eagerness to develop economic relations with the Kingdom . Especially ,  on the commercial and investments sides. Which will eventually benefit both nations . He also mentioned that there are opportunities for developing the relations between the two countries . He also invited investors in both countries to invest in these opportunities , asserting the readiness  of his country to encourage and overcome barriers that encounter projects of investors . 

This was mentioned in his welcoming speech in the inauguration of the Saudi-Danish Forum and the accompanying exhibit on Monday , 2/29/2016 in Faisaliyah Hotel . The Forum was organized by Riyadh Chamber in cooperation with the Danish Union for Industry and The Danish Council  for Agriculture and Foods. The Forum was attended by Saudi businessmen , investors and representatives of 40 Danish companies in various fields.  As such as , architecture engineering , renewed energy , means of  rationalizing the use of energy, Management of traffic and smart cities , foods industries, medical equipment and medicinal preparations. 

Moreover, Chairman of Riyadh Chamber's board of directors, Dr. Abdul Rahman Alzamil  , welcomed the Danish Crown Prince and the accompanied delegation . He also  considered  the organization of the Forum as a way of strengthening the relations  between  the two countries and asserted that the relations between the two countries are based on understanding and dialogue  . This strategic partnership aims for the exchange of benefits  and the respect of basis and  cultures of both nations .