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Small and medium enterprises services

Small and Medium Enterprises are considered among the most important sectors all over the world in view of the central role they play in the growth of the international economy. Small and Medium Enterprises in the Kingdom are considered among the vital sectors which play a pivotal role in pushing the wheel of the economic growth, diversification the sources of income and creation of jobs.  Despite the effectiveness of these enterprises and its great role in the economy it is in need of continued backing end.

Believing in the pivotal role of the Small and Medium Enterprises Riyadh Chamber established the Department of Managing the Small and Medium Enterprises to support these enterprises and enhance their role in the economy development and prepare the environment which will support the foundation and development of the projects in order to become a major contributor to the national economy.



1- Training

Providing training programmes with the aim of promoting the professional capabilities and efficiency of the investors and entrepreneurs to enable them to practice their business.

2- Funding Sources (Funding Path)

Funding is considered as one of the most important pillars of empowerment as it supports the development programmes of the enterprises and the promotion of entrepreneurs' programmes. It works to secure funding sources in partnership with the supporters.

3- Business Incubators and Accelerators.

The Department supports the entrepreneurs in their first steps to launch their projects as part of the specialized sectors in addition to providing a number of development supporting services which include counseling, project development, prototyping services and a network of strategic partners in partnership with business incubators and accelerators.

4- Guidance

Providing advice and directions to the start-up and existing projects with the aim of stimulating and assisting the owners of the enterprises to achieve success and growth in addition to guiding them to the proper services according to their needs and aspirations within the management services.

5- Consultations

Providing specialized consultations which contribute to the assessment of the project's idea and the possibility of applying it to a commercial project through building a business model including the executive steps of the project and providing the supporting ideas to the owners of the projects to implement their projects in an efficient and effective way.

6- Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Commercial marketing for the entrepreneurs to offer and market their products and services directly through participation in the exhibitions and events to identify the major companies, each in his domain whether with the aim of establishing partnership relations with new investors or identify their relations from the competitors and benefits from their experiences.

7- Creation of Investment Opportunities

The department sheds light into the investment opportunities with the aim of facilitating access to the entrepreneurs to the available investment opportunities in Riyadh Area and enhance investment in the priority sectors concentrated on by the Kingdom's vision 2030.