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Legal Services

The Chamber plays an active role in providing legal counseling in all aspects connected with the foundation and operations of the projects, laws and their executive regulations regarding them. Also, explaining to the subscribers' ways of protecting their rights and ways of avoiding the problems which affect their rights like the cases of commercial fraud and tricking. Moreover, the Chamber made concrete efforts to improve the business environment. It receives the complaints of the enterprises about the disputes arising between them on the one hand and between them and the foreign enterprises on the other hand. The Chamber plays the role of reconciliation and mediation between all the parties in an effort to settle these disputes amicably.

In addition to the permanent endeavor of the Chamber to provide settlement services for the local and foreign disputes especially the commercial agencies dispute. It contributes to the settlement of disputes through arbitration by providing support services for lawsuit procedures for the disputes coming to it from various judicial authorities concerned.

In addition, it provides a number of legal researchers to play the role of the secretariats of arbitration for accredited organizations in an effort to distribute the arbitration culture and facilitating access to it.

The chamber also provides protest services in accordance with the Ministerial Decision no. 487 dated 19/6/1411 AH to be responsible for settling the disputes associated with non-acceptance and non-compliance with the commercial documents including the returned checks, check order and promissory note amicably without resorting to the competent judiciary authorities. Also, mediate to solve these issues between the conflicting parties in friendly ways which helps reduce the burden on the government agencies concerned and help the plaintiffs avoid resorting to long judicial procedures.