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Subscribers Services

​​Riyadh Chamber endeavors to achieve one of its strategic goals represented in the transition to provide its services to its subscribers through the electronic chamber concept by using the latest systems in the field of information technological in order to increase the scope of its electronic services (e-services) and promote their quality level by adopting high security standards so that the staff and the clients of the Chamber can accomplish their works in an easy and fast way in a developed and ideal work environment  and investing the electronic technologies in accomplishing their transactions in the easiest and fastest ways without  a need to visit the the Chamber.

The Chamber provides a package of its services to its subscribers electronically under My Business Portal (e-services of Riyadh Chamber) which include:

First: Membership Services

New Subscription or Renewal of the subscription:

It is possible to subscribe in the membership of Riyadh Chamber or renew the subscription through ( The Chambers of Commerce Subscription Services) ​provided by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment where it is possible through the service to issue or renew the subscription in the Chambers of Commerce.​

Updating the Data of the Enterprise:

The Subscriber through this service can update his enterprise's data directly in the Chamber's records electronically without a need to visit the Chamber in person.

Users' Accounts Administration:

Through this service the subscriber can manage his account including adding or amending the accounts of the users of the enterprise and specify the authority of each user of the e-services of Riyadh Chamber (My Business Portal) which is only available to the main account of the enterprise (Admin User).

Modification of the authorized members:

Through this service the subscriber may modify the status of the authorized of the enterprise (Stop / Activate)

Printing the Subscription Certificate:

Through this service the subscriber can review all the data of the subscription certificate of his enterprise. Also, print it as an electronic document approved directly from his location without having to visit the Chamber in person.

Issue a letter of Identification for the Enterprise:

The subscriber through this service​ can  issue a letter of identification for the enterprise and attested by the Chamber and printed directly from his location without having to visit the Chamber in person.


Second: Document Verification Services:

Through this service the subscriber can prepare the documents and transactions of his enterprise and get them verified by the Chamber: Then the subscriber can get them electronically and verified directly by the Chamber without a visit to the Chamber personally. A number of tools are available to facilitate the verification of these documents.

The Verification through the available template forms:

Through this service the subscriber will be able to have the transactions of his enterprise verified by various authorities through the available template forms and get them approved to save time and effort. It is possible to choose between more than (30) forms of the electronic documents directed to government and private sector's authorities.

Verification through Open Letters:

Through this service the subscribers may have the transactions of his enterprise verified by various authorities through the preparation of a letter in an open form which meets his requirements and it will be approved after reviewing it by the representative of the customer support and having it verified electronically.

Verification of the Files of the Foreign Ministry:

Through this service the subscriber can get the visas issued by the Foreign Ministry electronically verified through linking between My Business Portal and electronic visas services website of the foreign Ministry.

verification of the Application for (Authorization of a Delegate to the Government Purchases Portal):

The subscriber may authorize a delegate electronically to register in the Government Purchases Portal (Competitions) directly from his e-account in MY Business Portal.


Third: Permit Services:

Through these services the subscriber will be able to get the required permits issued to run some of the affairs of his business which include:

Issuing commercial competition permit:

The subscriber can submit an application for a commercial competition permit electronically to the representative of the customers' service in the Chamber. The service includes the possibility of submitting an application electronically to extend the competition period if it is required to increase the number of days allocated to the competition or postponing it to another date.

Issuing a certificate for re-exporting:

The subscriber may submit an implication for issuing a certificate for re-exporting (for the foreign products) electronically. After their issue the subscriber can have them printed electronically as an approved electronic document from his location without a need to visit the Chamber.

Fourth: Electronic Financial Portfolio:

The fees of all services provided through My Business Portal can be paid through the financial portfolio of the enterprise's account on the portal. The services of the financial portfolio include:

1- Loading the portfolio.

2- Refunds.

3- Account Statement.​