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Young Business men Services

 The Chamber is greatly interested with the business youth and always works to activate the benefit from the potentials national youth to contribute to the development of the national economy. Also, provide the business youth from both sexes with the experience and culture of the private business, communicate with the relative authorities to support their activities, overcome their obstacles, then urging them to be involved in the activities of the Chamber and events. Moreover, provide them with the distinguished services in cooperation with the supporting authorities. In addition, directing the business youth towards the available investment opportunities in various business sectors and providing the means to develop and support the creative and sustainable ideas in way which enhances the opportunities of their success with the continued renewal of these services in consistence with the needs of the local and international economic situation.


The most important services directed to the business youth and the present time are:

Supporting Initiatives to the Business Youth

Business Youth Diwaniya

Your Consultant Friend


Business Youth Forum

Business Youth Portal

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