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Private Sector Communiciation Center


The Riyadh Chamber established the “Private Sector Communication Center”, an integrated media center specializing in the production and dissemination of economic media materials, promoting the positive image of the national economy, highlighting the role of the private sector as one of the most important factors of empowerment and diversity in the objectives of Vision 2030, and addressing some of the distortions that damage the stereotypes about private and business.

Center Goals:

  • Finding a reliable source for broadcasting economic news relevant to the private sector.

  • Increased confidence in national business and products.
  • Preparation and implementation of plans to improve the stereotype of the private sector.
  • Preparing information materials highlighting the developmental role of the private sector and its participation in social responsibility and national responsibilities.
  • Establishing the principle that the private sector is an important and influential part of the national economy and that it is a source of national economic security.
  • Preparation of media reports highlighting the achievements of the private sector and linking them to the national economy in various fields (industrial - service - health - educational ... etc).
  • Objective and responsible handling of some business issues and showing them in a moderate way.

Center Products:​​

  • Press materials in all its forms and arts.
  • Visual and acoustic materials.
  • Press Conferences​.
  • Media Documentation.
  • Television and radio materials​.
  • Organize campaigns​.
  • Manage communication accounts.
  • Content industry​.
  • Design and montage​.
  • Media Translation.
  • Preparing media plans​.
  • Courses on how to deal with media and appearing in media.
  • Economic publications and reports.​​