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Chairman Word

 The Word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors



Our Saudi National economy achieved a qualitative shift and witnessed great and tangible developments in all fields with the start of this new phase of the national transformation based on the principles of 2030 Vision and aims at the restructure of our economy and building it on new bases. In order to avoid dependence mainly on the oil income but depends on new initiatives based on the investment or resources by more innovative means.

Within the framework of the implementation of the initiative and objectives of 2030 Vision, the business sector plays an important role in the economic development management and the enhancement of the national economy mechanisms. Starting from this role, Riyadh Chamber in its capacity as a representative of the private sector is keen through its Board of Directors to keep up with the objectives of the vision, represented in enabling the private sector to play its special role and responsibility in achieving these goals. Also, it is keen to enable the Chamber to extend developed services to the business sector and its affiliates and assisting them in dealing with a more developed business environment.

The Chamber provides a various set of electronic services and the databases of economic, commercial, legal, businessmen and businesswomen youth services, and the owners of small and medium enterprises besides introducing several initiatives, including training services, and employments of Saudi youths. Also, the chamber contributes to the achievements of the state strategies aiming at Saudization of jobs and transfer of technology and knowledge to the national hands.

The Chamber endeavors to highlight the features of our national economy and identification of the investment opportunities available in the kingdom in general and in Riyadh area in Particular. In addition, acquainting the foreign investors with the laws and regulations effective in the kingdom and maintaining commercial and investment relationships with the national companies and institutions in the Saudi market.

Also, the sector committees provide services to the business sectors through submission and discussion of various issues facing these sectors and convey the views of their owners to the governmental officials to facilitate the problems facing them.


Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ajlan bin AbdulAziz Alajlan