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Social Responsibility


Starting from the vision "That the charitable and social work is a religious, national and moral duty, and we have an obligation towards our homeland which we should abide by." The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry adopted a message aiming at the consolidation of social responsibility in the business sector and participation in social development through long term programmers.


Start of the initiatives:
According to the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry message and its role in the community development, the Chamber adopted the formation of the Friends of Patients' Committee in Riyadh. Then the  Chamber activities extended to include the provision of support and backing to a number of the Charitable humanitarian societies, and centers.  It starts from the idea submission then provision of headquarters to them during the foundation phase down to the start of their activities and developing a mechanism for their sustainability.

The Chamber established a special department to serve the society which assumed the responsibilities of coordinating and following up the implementation of the social responsibility programs and charitable work. In order to meet the needs of the Chamber's programs and activities in the social development fields and charitable work. Also, to tailor those efforts through a work methodology which has the required potentials. The Chamber's activities and programmers in this field expanded to include:

First: Charity and social work Incubators:
Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been the owner of a leading and unprecedented experience in incubating the charitable and social work institutions. Also, the provision of the ingredients of foundation and launching. Then, it may be able to start the performance of its tasks independently and the creation of a suitable climate for the growth of these institutions, including:

Patients' Friends Committee in Riyadh Area:
This Committee was established under the Royal decree no. 9902 dated 24/08/1405 AH.
It was honored by the honorary Chairmanship of his HRH Prince Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz the Governor of Riyadh at that time. The Committee extends to the patients several services like direct material aids and the provision of the medical equipment, such as beds, chairs, oxygen devices, stethoscopes, and others. In addition,  the Committee is providing air tickets to the patients and their accompanying persons back and forth. Also, establishing and furnishing restrooms for the patients' children and their visitors in some of Riyadh's hospitals. Besides providing several facilities, supplies the requirements to serve the patients and their relatives, organization of religious awareness programs with the participation of some the scholars, printing holy books and brochures, and health awareness and their distribution to the hospitals, schools and other departments.

Also, it prepared accommodation for the patients in Direa'h Governorate to accommodate the patients coming outside of Riyadh area and their accompanying persons to visit its hospitals. Also, the Committee provides means of care and hospitality, including accommodation, food, and transportation to the hospitals. The place accommodates about 18, 000 guest/night annually.

King Salman Social Center:
The Chamber supported the idea of establishing the Center, which was established in 1412 AH. It works to achieve a humanitarian objective, which is the provision of health and social care for older people. The Chamber took over the responsibility of embracing the constituent meetings for this Center and organized a fundraising campaign to establish and equip this Center.

The Charitable Association for Orphan Care:
The Chamber embraced this society before announcing its foundation in 1420 AH. It provided it with the potentials, which enabled it to start its work and extend its services to more than twenty thousand orphans in Riyadh.

Red Crescent Friends' Committee:
This Committee was established in accordance with the letter of HRH the Governor of Riyadh no. 101/3/4767/6 dated 29/03/1421 AH. The honorable chairmanship of HRH honored it. Its objectives are represented in supporting the Saudi Red Crescent Society in raising health awareness and training the members of the society on first-aids. Also, developing the spirit of volunteerism in society's activities in the field of first-aid, disaster relief, and ways of dealing with disasters. In addition,  raising the awareness of the community members of the human mission of the society and working on publishing it. Moreover, the development of the financial resources of the organization through working to encourage community members to donate. In order to work on these objectives, several work teams have been set up.

The Saudi Society for Hearing Disability:
The Chamber contributed to the establishment of this society which was announced in 1421 AH. The Chamber provided a temporary headquarters for the organization. The Chamber adopted and supported its objectives and activities in the Kingdom. These objectives are represented in introducing this category to the community. Besides,  identification its rights, creation of a database for the care programs of this group, and working to initiate the rules and regulations to support them.


Committee for the Welfare of the Prisoners, the Released and their Families in Riyadh Area:
After the issuance of the distinguished Council of Ministers' resolution no. (2) Dated 01/01/1422 AH. for the establishment approval of the National Committee. This Committee is for Welfare of the Prisoners, the Released and their Families and setting-up committees in the areas. The Chamber felt the importance of supporting this noble humanitarian idea, which leads to providing it with a headquarters in Riyadh Chamber's building. Also, it carried out the tasks of the Committee through several programs, including the supervision of the Chamber on the inmates' rehabilitation project. In addition, training them in Hayer Penitentiary, which includes training the inmates on laundry and computer works. This training is to support them and their families, provide them with the possible means to sponsor the prisoners and the penitentiary inmates. Also, extending material and moral support to their families during their prison terms. Besides, sponsoring the released to ensure their integration in the society and to prevent their return to the abyss of deviation.

Adult Motor Disability Association ( Harakia):
It is a charitable association interested in the care of people with motor disability which was embraced by the Chamber. It was established in 1427 AH to provide an institutional umbrella for adult people with motor disability, coordinates among the charitable support channels and contributes to raising the public awareness of the needs, rights, and capabilities of the people with disability.

The Charitable Association for the Care of AIDS Patients (Mana'h):
The Charitable Association for the Care of AIDS Patients was established in Riyadh Area by the resolution of HE the Minister of Social Affairs no. 48080 dated 10/5/1430 AH.
It was honored by the honorary Chairmanship of HRH the Governor of Riyadh. The Association aim at the awareness and education of the society members of the AIDS Patients and its causes, support and adopt the scientific researches seeking to identify the ways of curbing it or mitigation of the complications resulting from it, material, moral and physiological support to the patient and his family. Also, follow up with the activation and application of all the royal decrees, regulations, laws, and resolutions which guarantee the rights of the AIDS' patients. Moreover, support and encourage the activities and skills of AIDS' patients through participation in the various events.

Women and Child Committee:
The Committee aims to extend material, psychological, social and moral support to women and children. Also, follow up to apply all the royal decrees, regulations, laws, and resolutions which guarantee the rights of the women and children. The follow up will be through addressing the authorities about the concerned needs of the women and children, including the health, educational, rehabilitation, social, recreational, and other services. Also, it supports and encourages women's activities and skills through participation in various events.

Second: Service Projects:
The Chamber adopted several service projects in line with the country's efforts to develop the urban and cultural environment to meet the needs of Riyadh Area including:

Chamber of Commerce Garden Project:
It was established on an area of 25,000 m2 on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of Riyadh Municipality. It was inaugurated in 1411 AH. It is located west of the new Eid Praying Place in Malaz. It is considered as an outlet for the people of Riyadh where there are green spaces, lakes, kids playing grounds, parking lots, and restaurants.

Salam Park:
Salam park represents a cultural addition to the service and recreational edifices available in the capital Riyadh. The Chamber contributed to its completion. Also,  supported in the cost of its establishment as part of its programs to meet society needs society and achieve the desired development.

Third: Programs and Activities:

Social Responsibility Award:
The Chamber adopted from 1424 AH the presentation of an award called at that time "The Community Service Award." This adoption is to encourage and stimulate the business sector. Encouraging carrying out voluntary works to serve the society, whether at the individual level or facilities in support of the efforts of the state in this regard. After the foundation of the Social Responsibly Council, it was decided to call the award "The Social Responsibility Award." The nomination for this award is carried out by all the affiliates of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the charitable societies and institutions in Riyadh Area. The award is considered a public recognition, and an act of honoring for the outstanding institution which contributed to the service of the society in a special celebration carried out for this purpose.

Hajj Campaign for Needy People:
HRH Prince Faisal Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz adopted a project to help the needy people who had not previously performed Hajj. HRH commissioned the Department of Community Service in the Chamber to organize this campaign every year provided that he and his family members will bear the cost of about 300 female and male pilgrims every year.  The Department of Community Service has been assuming the responsibility of organizing this campaign since 1424 AH.  The campaign receives the applications of those wishes to go. Then studies the cases, evaluates the eligible, coordinates with Hajj institutions, and chooses the most suitable ones. After that it prepares the campaign's program, coordinates with the beneficiaries, schedules the date of the trip and follows up this process until their return. 

The Chamber's Football Championship:
This championship was designed as part of the Chamber's efforts to render its various services to the private sector and the society and to contribute to the investment of the time of the talented youth in serving the Saudi sports. Also, it was designed to provide the clubs in the city of Riyadh with youth sports talents which will positively affect the clubs and national teams in an effort on the part of the Chamber to contribute to the development and the growth of the Saudi Sports.

Support of the Scientific and Educational Activities:
The Chamber provided some of the university faculties with some of their requirements of the scientific equipment to perform their tasks in the field of educating the youth and rehabilitating them like computers and printers. Also, It was interested in supporting the activities of the specialized scientific associations, such as the Gulf Marketing Association, the Saudi Economic Association, Accounting Association, and the Saudi Association for Administration. The support is through submitting financial aids to them or hosting the events they hold, contribution to conducting researches, studies, and work papers presented to them. In addition, the participation of some of the Chamber's employees in its membership. Moreover, assisting the researchers and students in conducting their researches and studies related to the activities of the private sector, providing them with the required information, data for their studies, and printing some of their distinguished theses.
 Also, the Chamber assigned a program for scholarships and incentives. In order to encourage the students to join the national colleges through providing scholarships in these colleges for distinguished students, and offered soft loans to the needy students. Furthermore, the Chamber participates in implementing the joint national organization for training, which targets the qualification and employment of Saudi youths in the private sector facilities.

Contribution to the Protection of the Local Environment:
 The Chamber contributed to projects to improve the environment of Riyadh city.  The Chamber contributed to the Tree Week, the Cleaning Week, Anti-drug Week, World Day Against Smoking and others. Also, it participated in the organization of the events associated with environmental protection. It coordinates with the Supreme Council for the Development of Riyadh, the Ministry of the Municipal and Rural Affairs for Urban Planning and Cultural Development of the city. Furthermore, It coordinates with the Municipality of Riyadh in the field of organizing and managing the central markets. Moreover, it offered several investment opportunities for trash disposal and prepared several studies in this regard in preparation for putting most of them into implementation.

Support of Civil Defense Activities in Riyadh Area:
The Chamber contributes to the support of the Civil Defense activities to achieve the security and safety in the private sector facilities. The Chamber combined its efforts in this regard with the efforts of the Directorate General of Civil Defense. In order to include participation in the exhibitions, symposia, and conferences held by the Civil Defense and organizing training courses in the field of safety and security.  In addition to the information awareness of the importance of security and safety and the most modern relevant means in this regard.

Fourth: The Social Responsibility Council Riyadh:
The Chamber crowned its efforts over the past fifty years in the field of social development by announcing the Social Responsibility Council. It is considered as a reference for the activities and projects of the social responsibility adopted by companies and institutions to develop the community and meet its requirements.  It endeavors to mass support and backing to the sustainable development programs in Riyadh Area in particular and in the Kingdom's areas in general. The Council is concerned with suggesting the social activities and programs carried out by the private sector. Also, drafting the plans l to achieve the Council's objectives. Besides, developing programs for stimulating the social responsibility in the private sector, creating the criteria and local regulations to apply for these programs, and secure approval for organizing the forums and symposia which serve the social responsibility culture.

The Council was honored by the honorary chairmanship of HRH Prince Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz, Governor of Riyadh at that time. The Council was formed of a group of highly experienced elites in the social and developmental work under the chairmanship of HRH Prince Sultan Ibn Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz.

The Council works to enhance, encourage the direction of the private sector in the Kingdom. This is to adopt the society development programs and provides a channel for cooperation between the private sector and the charitable and social sector in the implementation of sustainable development programs. The Council has a Secretariat General who is responsible for preparing its meetings and implementing its recommendations represented in the management of the Society Service Department in the Chamber.

Fifth: Awqaf Committee
The Committee is considered the first Committee established at the level of the Saudi Chambers. The Committee which includes in its membership several people interested in awqaf. This Committee was established pursuant to an initiative from the awgaf of Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi to sponsor and support its programs. A strategic partnership contract was signed between the Committee and the awqaf of Sheikh Mohammed Al Rajhi to support the programs and activities of the Committee. In order to serve the owners of the awqaf, endeavor to develop the awqaf concept, and activate it in projects with good economic return in which contributes to the creation of permanent funding resources for charitable work. The Committee visited HE Minister of the Islamic Affairs, Awqaf, Advocacy and Guidance which resulted in the organization of the awqaf forum in cooperation with Rights Center for Legal Training under the auspices of HE the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Awqaf, Advocacy, and Guidance.


Sixth: Participations :
The Chamber had many participations in the national programs adopted by other institutions and departments including:

Coordination of Efforts with Other Relative Parties:
The Chamber coordinates through the administration of the community service with the efforts of the Supreme Council for Coordination among Charitable Societies King Abdul Aziz Institution and his Men for Sponsoring talented People. Also, Disabled Services  Coordination Committee and the Charitable Committee to support the Patients with Renal Failure. Besides,  the Saudi Union for the Care of People with Special Needs. Fundraising Committees for Muslim Peoples and Minorities and other events.

Participation in the Awareness Campaigns and National Events:
 The Chamber participates in all the national campaign to rationalize the consumption of water, electricity and energy, weeks of traffic, and others. The Chamber participates in raising awareness of the importance of response to these campaigns through advertising their issuances, printings, magazines, and newspapers as well as issuing publications and preparation of special posters for awareness. Also, it participates in the national events like the Annual Janadriya Festival and Eid Celebrations in Riyadh.

Supporting the Charitable Societies in the Kingdom:
The Chamber participates in supporting the charitable societies activities, such as Al Ber Association in Riyadh, Al Nuhda Women Association, Al Wafa' Charitable Association, and Disabled Children Association. The Chamber participates to urges the businessmen to direct their Zakat, charities, and donations to these societies. The Chamber also provides them with the data, information, and studies they need to help them perform their tasks. The Chamber hosts or participates in their events as they request.

Consumer Awareness:
The establishment of the Consumer Awareness Department was in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of the Chamber to set up a committee for the awareness of the consumer on 23/9/1997 AD. It was a sub-committee of the commercial Committee and included businessmen in various activities and academics specialists as well as interested media members in consumer affairs. It was imperative with the development of the work arena, the large commodity flow with the accompanying development of methods of cheating and fraud harmful to the consumer. Also, as part of the Chamber's belief in its main role in serving the work environment and serving the dealers, including the consumers and others. It was imperative to keep up with the efforts of development awareness committee in this regard. It was transformed by a decision of the Board of Directors to "Consumer Awareness Department." The Department assumed the responsibility of several tasks aimed at fighting cheating and fraud through multiple programs aimed at awareness, education and warning the consumer of all matters of interest to him and concerns him in a consumption point of view.

Committee for Combating Commercial Fraud:
-    Objectives of the Committee.
Awareness of commercial fraud, imitation, and the damages resulting from them.
-    Support the efforts aimed at maintaining the health and safety of consumers.
-    Protection of the national industry from dishonest competition.
-    Support the relative governmental authorities in their efforts to combat the Commercial Fraud.
-    Support the concerned governmental authorities in the efforts of applying the standard specifications.
-    Support the concerned governmental authorities with the protection and awareness of the consumer.

Functions of the Committee

-    Establishment of the permanent exhibition for the original and imitated products.
-    Holding symposia, lectures, and conferences related to commercial fraud combating.
-    Issue booklets, publications, and brochures to identify the commercial cheating phenomenon.
-    Support the responsible official executive governmental authorities for combating commercial cheating to help them achieve their objectives.
-    Implementation of media campaigns to combat commercial cheating.
-    Conduct the studies and researches about the commercial fraud phenomenon and other related issues.
-    Visits to the main Kingdom customs outlets and the Saudi Embassies to review and to clarify to the officials the importance of the distinction between the original and imitated products.
-    Participation in the exhibitions and awareness symposia of commercial fraud.
-    Establishment of awareness of commercial fraud and imitation on the internet.
-    Establishment of a database for the fake and imitated goods and the cases of commercial fraud that have been discovered