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Chamber Initiatives

​​Chamber Initiatives:
The march of the chamber witnessed several initiatives which were taken as an example including;


Establishment of the first exhibition of the national industries in Riyadh:

Under the sponsorship of HRH the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz (the governor of Riyadh at that time). He inaugurated it on Tuesday Rab' II 26, 1393 AH.

A suggestion to develop the Saudi Chamber Regulation and the establishment of the Saudi Chambers' Council:

It was approved in the fourth and fifth conferences of the Saudi Chambers held in 1396 AH. Corresponding to 1976 AD in Madina and in 1398 AH corresponding 1978 in Mecca. It was approved by assigning the chamber to conduct communications about the issue until the issuance of the new Chamber Regulation in 1400 AH. Corresponding to 1980 AD. This includes the establishment of the Saudi Chambers' Council the Secretariat General of which was assumed by Riyadh Chamber for three years.

Issuing the first directory of exhibitions and International markets:

In 1399 AH corresponding to 1979 AD.

Creation of the committees and departments concerned with providing developed services to the subscribers:

The chamber took the lead in their establishment. The first of these committees was the industrial committee. It was established in 1400 AH. Following its set-up, the decision of the Saudi Chambers' Council was issued in its third session on 26/3/1400 AH, providing that each chamber shall establish an industrial committee. The chamber was an example to other Chambers in establishing the development of non-traditional departments. Among the first of these departments was the Industrial Department, the Information Center in 1399 AH, the "Research Department" in 1400 AH and the "Training and Development Center" in 1401 AH.

Issuance of the first directory of factories:

In Rabi' II, 1401 AH corresponding to 1981 AD about the factories in Riyadh. Direct communication with everybody who obtained a license to establish an industrial project in Riyadh to collect data.

Organization of the first participation of businessmen in an international exhibition:

It was in April 1981 AD corresponding to 1401 AH in an exhibition held in Hanover in Germany and another one held in Milan in Italy. The chamber had a section in each of the two exhibitions.


The formation of the first committee of patients' friends in the Kingdom:

It does not only deal with hospitals but like other committees previously mentioned in other areas. It extends its services directly to the patients through the provision of material aids to them and provision of accommodation to the needy patients coming to the city of Riyadh for treatment. The committee started carrying out its human message effective from 1/2/1406 AH. It was an initiative to express the inclination of the chamber to support the charitable and humanitarian societies and centers. It starts from the submission of the idea and then finding headquarters to them at the phase of foundation. Also,  doubling efforts to support these associations until they become able to abide by their humanitarian duties.

Establishment of the first exhibition of food industries, and agricultural products:

In Safer 1410 AH to be the first specialized exhibition at the Kingdom's level. Also, an initiative to open a room to establish other specialized exhibitions.

Establishment of the first office at the level of the Saudi Chambers to support the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

During the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990 AD. The chamber provided the office with all required potentials to enable it to play its role in serving the Kuwaiti businessmen through facilitating their practice of economic activity.  Also, identifying the foreign goods that were contracted before the invasion.  Moreover, re-direct them to the Saudi and Gulf ports instead of the ports of Kuwait. The establishment of the office was for the benefit of the Kuwaiti businessmen. In accordance with the unified economic agreement of the Gulf Cooperation States as well as opening the storehouses for the imported goods through Kuwaiti traders and help them market them.

Adoption of an idea to establish private university colleges:

The chamber conducted in 1414 AH a feasibility study to establish a private university college containing practical scientific specializations needed by the job market.  After the resolution issuance of the Council of Ministries in its session held on Safer 18, 1418 AH was commissioning the Ministry of Higher Education to prepare a conception for the establishment of private colleges. The chamber submitted this study to the concerned authorities, and the college was established under the name of Prince Sultan Private College.


A suggestion to establish several important departments to upgrade the national economy:
A suggestion to establish several important departments to upgrade the national economy, including a supreme commission to supervising the national economy, a commission for investment affairs, human resources training fund. Also, a suggestion to amend some of the regulations and organization of markets. The concerned officials and the authorities welcomed these suggestions.


Establishment of a Female Branch:
Establishment of a female branch to extend services to the businesswomen which were inaugurated on 29/1/1425 AH corresponding to 20/3/2004 AD. The official opening celebration was held under the auspices of HRH Princess Hessa Bint Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz on 15/4/1425 AH corresponding to 3/6/2004 AD.

Establishment of the first work committee:

Establishment of the first work committee at the level of the Kingdom in 1423 AH according to the Council of Ministers resolution no. (12) dated 18/1/1422 AH and the executive regulation issued by the ministerial resolution no. 12496 dated 13/9/1423 AH to establish work committees to improve the conditions of work and its circumstances and the social, health, and professional care of the staff.

Establishment of the Producers' Exhibition (Montijoon):
The chamber has launched an exhibition for the home investors "Producers" (Montijoon) annually since 2013 AD with the aim of incubating these projects, enabling them to face the society and the acquainting the business sector and traders with them. The chamber bears all the costs of establishing it. Also, the participants do not bear any costs to encourage them to enhance their projects, which represents support to female investors income and their families. Also, to enable them to expand and spread.