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Chamber Services

Tasks and Services of the Information Center  

Definition: Tasks and Roles


To become the first source and most trusted for the private sectors, economic and commercial statistics and information.


Provide the economic and information data which support business people in their decisions making from various local and foreign sources.


1- This center works to develop the business sector in Riyadh in particular and the Kingdom in general. Also, develop trade relations by providing useful economic information that are useful and vital to the sector.

2- The information center works to adopt the role of the Chamber as a source for economic information needed by the private sector and develop its holdings as well as linking with the modern information centers in the kingdom and abroad.

3- The center provides information for all beneficiaries and provides the equipment and facilities which enable the Center to serve them in the best way.

4- The center contributes to the distribution of information in all means with the aim of guiding the businessmen and investors to the investment opportunities and projects in various economic fields and introducing them to the communications channels in the field of import and export in various countries of the world.

5- The center provides the proper tools to evaluate the feasibility of the various information sources and control spending on them.

6- The center is looking for a continues development of sources of providing information and serving the beneficiaries in order to guarantee the accuracy of the provided information.


1- Comprehensive business center which provides miscellaneous services including a modern information library.

2- E-services to display the opportunities, tenders and commercial competitions.

3-Inquiry about business and moral reputation of the local and foreign enterprises.

4- Information services and statistical reports for Saudi and foreign investors and the foreign delegations visiting the Chamber.

5- The center provides the subscribers' data in accordance with the category of beneficiaries.

6- This center works on marketing the chamber's publications and attracting clients to benefit from the services of the center.